Curriculum Vitae (EN)

Curriculum J.D.van Mansvelt, Dr.Sc.


Full name: Jan Diederik van Mansvelt; Born 1-2-43 in Rotterdam, The Netherlands

Studied Biology from 1964 – 1972, at the University of Amsterdam.


Professional activities:

– University assistant University of Amsterdam                                                                                    1969 – 1974

– High school teacher                                                                                                                                   1970 – 1974

– Founder/chairman of Louis Bolk Institute for Phenomenological Science                                   1974 – 1990

– Director/teacher at Warmonderhof – Professional Farmers School-Farm-Campus                  1975 – 1985

– Initiator/coordinator supervisor of Wirbela Water Purification Research at Warmonderhof  1976 – 1984

– Member of the Section’s council of the Goetheanum Science Section                                            1978 – 1996

– Member of the International Representatives Council for Biodynamic Agriculture                  1980 – 2003

– Extraordinary Professor of Alternative Methods in Agriculture,  WUR                                         1981 – 1987

– Lecturer/Researcher at Wageningen Agricultural University – Department of Ecological Agriculture,                                                                                                                                                   1981 – 2000

– Board Member of the Dutch Platform of Biological Agriculture and Nutrition                          1986 – 2003

– Member of the World Board of the International Federation of Organic Agricultural Movements [IFOAM], President as of 1988                                                                                                                 1986 – 1992

– Advisor for Holistic Research Methodology of the Dutch National Institute of Public Health and Environmental Protection                                                                                                                          1990 – 1995

– Initiator and Chairman of the Board of the WAU MSc-course Ecological Agriculture               1990 – 1995

– Foreign Member of the Russian Academy of Agricultural Sciences                                           1991 – present

– Member of the Scientific Committee of the Scientific Conference on New strategies for sustainable agriculture and rural development, Gödöllö Univer­sity of Agricultural Sciences, Hungary        1992 – 1993

– President of the Dutch Biodynamic Association                                                                                1996 – 2002

– Dr. Sc. Habilitation at Timirazev Agricultural University, Moscow                                                            1998

– Coordinator of Petrarca: European Academy for Landscape Culture                                         2000 – 2003

– Advisor for Landscape Research Alterra, Wageningen University                                               2000 – 2007

– Independent Consultant for Land use at large, incl. Nutrition                                                  2000 – present

– Initiator of Dutch Symposia Circle of Critical Academics ‘OdR’                                                     2001 – 2008

– Honorary Board-member of the Dutch Bio-dynamic Association                                             2002 – present

– Chair Council of Helicon: Academy for Education                                                                            2003 – 2007

– Member of Petrarca Workshop Landscape observation                                                              2004 – present

– Chair of International Phare Workshop on European Integration, Bucharest,                                      2005

– Lecturing in the Origines Institute, Reehorst, Zeist (John van Schaik)                                                    2005

– Lecturing for Transforma Workshops in Rumania (Brede Kristensen)                                      2004 – 2008

– Guest lecturing University of Humanistic Studies, Utrecht                                                           2005 – 2008

– Cofounding member Aquarius Alliance                                                                                              2005 – 2009

– Chair of the Biodynamic Soilproperty Foundation                                                                          2006 -2010

– Workshop for Sekem Academy (Abouleish), Cairo, Egypt                                                                         2006

– Food & farming workshops ‘Real Dirt on Farmer John’                                                                  2006 – 2007

– Guest lecturing for University of Amsterdam (Johan Gomez)                                                       2006 – 2009

– Founding of a CSA in Amersfoort / Soest                                                                                           2008 – 2009

– Guest lecturing MO-VIR workshop, Michneva, Russia                                                                                 2008

– Co-organizing & Chairing VU-Network Academy conf. on Near Death experiences                              2008

– Village Council Member ‘Broek in Waterland                                                                                    2008 – 2016

– Conference paper Bulgaria, Bucharest                                                                                                             2009

– Conference paper Chisinau, Moldavia                                                                                                              2009

– Sustainable Development – Science and Spirituality, Workshop, Driebergen                                         2010

– Foundation of IAOT: Institute for Spiritual Training and Research, Zeist                                    2011 – 2016


Guest lectureships 1980 – 2000: Emerson College, Forest Row, UK; Vashknil, Moscow, SU; Edinburgh University, Scotland UK; Agricultural University Gödöllö, HU; Agricultural University Debrecen, HU; University San Jose, Costa Rica; Mashhad University, Iran; Sekem Universtity, Cairo.

Selection of >100 publications:

Van Mansvelt, J.D. 2010: Can wheat and other arable crops adapt to the management & environment they are produced in? Perspectives for on-site seed selection. Rumanian Journal of Agricultural Sciences.

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Van Mansvelt, J.D. & B. Pedroli (2005): The role of training and education of landscape architects, in view of the links between landscape and agriculture. Proceeding of the Seminar “The role of training in the implementation of the policy of sustainable spatial development in Europe”. 15 March 2005, Strasbourg, Council of Europe, pp. 60-67.

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